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Transamerica has been helping families Transform Tomorrow® for over 100 years. For more than half a century, we've provided voluntary benefits in the workplace. Transamerica Employee Benefits offers employees a comprehensive portfolio of supplemental health and life insurance products underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company. It's our way of helping people create better financial futures.

What are voluntary benefits What are voluntary benefits?

Voluntary benefits are supplemental insurance policies that offer financial benefits to employees and their families in case of death, a serious health event, an accident or other covered circumstances that can throw saving and retirement plans off-track. Offered through employers, unions or approved trade associations, they’re typically paid through payroll deduction.


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We have online services designed specifically for you. Enjoy convenient access to your accounts and functionality that makes it easy to do business with Transamerica.


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We provide a gateway to tools to help you succeed and grow your business, including access to Transamerica’s innovative portfolio of voluntary life insurance and supplemental health benefits.


Transamerica has entered into an agreement to transfer the service and administration of its long term care insurance to LTCG in the U.S. The transaction is expected to be completed in third quarter 2019. This agreement supports Transamerica’s continued commitment to offering long term insurance. Customers and agents can continue to expect dedicated service and do not need to take any action regarding these changes. Transamerica remains committed to developing and delivering solutions to help our Workplace Employee Benefits customers build financial security. All of the Transamerica employees who currently support long term care administration and whose roles are transitioning will receive employment offers from LTCG in Plano, Texas, or the other U.S. cities where they are currently based. Please visit www.Transamerica.com/press-release for more information.