At Transamerica, we believe that everybody deserves to feel confident and secure in their tomorrow. That's why we offer additional services to help make it easier to build a future you can count on. We're much more than an insurance company — we're your partner in tomorrow.


Transamerica offers a variety of additional services that employees may choose to purchase through their company to help protect their financial future including BenefitScape® ACA services, telehealth services, a prescription drug discount card and legal expense discounts.


Transamerica offers employers access to BenefitScape®'s personalized service, designed specifically to help them comply with ACA reporting requirements. This cloud-based application includes ACA technical support, requirements analysis, business user portal, IRS reporting, and archiving of all data and reports. This service may be offered to employers at a discount when sold with a Transamerica product.


These services provide consumers with round-the-clock access to U.S.-based licensed physicians through a nationwide service providers via online video, telephone and secure email. Telehealth services can be used for common conditions including sinus problems, respiratory infection, allergies, urinary tract infection, cold and flu symptoms and many other non-emergency illnesses. These services are designed to handle non-emergent medical problems, and members should not use it if experiencing a medical emergency. This service may be offered when sold with a Transamerica product.

Prescription Drug Discount Card

A Prescription Drug Discount Card is provided at no cost to employers for employees to immediately to save up to 75% on most brand name and generic prescription drugs. It can be used for employers with employees who have Health Saving Accounts (HSAs), High Deductible Plans and Medicare Part D (on non-covered drugs). The card is pre-activated for employees and is accepted at more than 56,000 pharmacies nationwide. It also offers other discounts on teeth whitening supplies, prescription eye glasses, hearing aids, cosmetic surgery and diabetic supplies.

Family Legal Protection

A legal expense discount program that is focused on ensuring that employees have the tools necessary to avoid costly legal problems. The plan offers access to a network of more than 13,000 attorneys to provide members numerous free and discounted legal services. These services include free consultations, document reviews, simple wills and dispute resolution along with unlimited access to an online resource library.

Stop Loss

Stop Loss insurance mitigates risks for employers who fund their own health care plans for employees. In the event of an especially large claim or specifically defined amount in a given time period, Stop Loss insurance will pay the employer for losses in accordance with the contract. Transamerica offers a variety of specific deductibles, a range of contract claims bases, expedited claims reimbursement and no exclusions for "experimental" treatments. We also offer flexible underwriting, direct contact with a Managing General Underwriter, and insurance for medical and prescription drug costs.